College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Peer Mentor Program, Oklahoma State University
Mentee: Megan Lyman

Sarah Casey is an Oklahoma State University senior majoring in chemical engineering. She and her mentee, Megan, have been meeting since Megan started at OSU this August.

“Sarah has an intrinsic passion for mentoring others and has been a part of our mentoring program for the past several years,” said Jordan Blackburn, coordinator of Student Retention Services. “She has been a tremendous resource for Megan this year. They check in regularly so Sarah can answer questions and provide support.”

With COVID-19 safety precautions in place, Casey and Megan have been meeting over Zoom and texting regularly to stay in touch. Casey works to help her mentee feel comfortable in a new environment as she adjusts to college life.

“Sarah serves not just as a mentor, but as a leader for other mentors in our program,” said Blackburn. “She helped provide guidance to new mentors as they prepared to embark on their first mentor matches with the program. Sarah does a great job explaining what the mentor-mentee relationship is all about and how rewarding it can be to those that make the most of it.”

About the Program: The CEAT Peer Mentor Program involves upper-level CEAT men and women mentoring incoming freshmen CEAT students as they get acclimated to the college environment.

CEAT Scholars Mentor Program, Oklahoma State University
Mentee: Madison Eulberg

Olivia Long is an Oklahoma State University senior majoring in electrical engineering. She mentors three freshman engineering students during the fall 2020 semester.

“Olivia is a perfect example of what great peer mentoring looks like for our freshman students,” said Jordan Blackburn, coordinator of Student Retention Services. “As a personable and respectful leader, she has been able to have conversations that might take years for faculty and staff to have. The CEAT Scholar experience is greatly enhanced by caring and supportive mentors like Olivia.”

Long has found some of the best mentor-mentee activities involve just doing things around campus. Trying a new coffee drink at the Student Union, enjoying the breeze on a hot day at Theta Pond, or hiking to the northern portions of campus for dinner allow her to get to know her mentees and for them to get to know the campus at the same time.

COVID-19 has made it difficult for students looking to make social connections this semester. Long shared, “One of the greatest things to come from my relationship between my mentees and me is that I am able to provide an example of how that supportive peer connection is supposed to feel, and I hope our friendship encourages my mentees to continue to build their own support group.”

About the Program: Each year, OSU’s College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology selects top incoming students to become a part of the CEAT Scholars Program, providing participants with professional development, community service, industrial explorations, international experiences, and cultural experiences. The Scholars Mentorship Program pairs together CEAT Scholar upperclassmen with CEAT Scholars in the freshman class to provide advice and academic support.

CEAT Summer Bridge Program, Oklahoma State University
Mentee: Aaron Corona
Years Matched: Four

Brooke Ryan is a fifth-year architecture student at Oklahoma State University. She and mentee Aaron Corona have been matched for four years.

“Brooke cares deeply about mentoring freshman students, and they gain so much from their interaction with her as a head counselor in the CEAT Summer Bridge Program,” said Jordan Blackburn, coordinator of Student Retention Services. “Brooke knows the importance of making sure incoming freshmen feel like they have someone to talk to if they have any questions as they transition into college life. Brooke has been a superb example of what a counselor and mentor should be.”

Ryan started mentoring Aaron Corona when he was a freshman participant in the program. Aaron has since become a counselor himself and a partner in helping Ryan run the program. Ryan shared, “Aaron is very passionate about mentoring and the CEAT program and loves to share that with younger students, just like I did with him.”

“Mentoring is important to show others that they aren’t the first to go through something and they are not alone. Having someone to talk to, learn from, and get advice from is important for everyone to have,” said Ryan.

About the Program: The Summer Bridge program helps introduce incoming freshmen to the courses, people and activities of OSU’s College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. The two-and-a-half-week program includes mini-courses in pre-calculus, physics and tech writing, as well as design projects and team building. The program is led by 11 counselors, with each assigned a small group of five to six students to oversee. In addition, the counselors assist with class attendance, design projects, group activities and study hall.