Taylor Thacker

Chevron Phillips Scholar-Mentor Program, University of Oklahoma
Mentees: Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering students

Taylor Thacker is a senior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering. She mentors sophomore students in the Chevron Phillips Scholar-Mentor Program, and has been a program mentor for the last year and a half.

“Taylor demonstrates leadership, thinks outside the box to make our program better and volunteers above and beyond what is required to ensure nothing is left undone,” shared Undergraduate Program Coordinator Madena McGinnis. “Her determination to connect with mentees on a personal level helps them feel a sense of belonging in our program.”

Thacker enjoys many activities with program mentees; competing at game nights, relaxing with pizza and movies, bowling and making ice cream with liquid nitrogen are just a few of the many fun ways she connects with mentees.

“I benefitted from the help of the mentors during my sophomore year as a chemical engineering student,” Thacker shared. “I want to continue to provide the same kind of assistance and encouragement to other students. I enjoy teaching and tutoring and delight in helping others succeed and overcome difficulties through hard work and perseverance. I love seeing students grow throughout the semester and witnessing their hard work pay off.”

About the Program: The Chevron Phillips Scholar-Mentor Program is a peer mentoring and tutoring program that matches upperclassmen with sophomore chemical engineering students. Mentors provide social, academic and career support to help younger students be successful.