Rachelle Wilson

Lowe Family Young Scholars Program
Mentee: Samantha
Years Matched: Four

Rachelle Wilson is a commercial banker at Arvest Bank in Bartlesville. She and mentee Samantha have been matched for four years.

“Rachelle is such a supportive friend and mentor to Sam,” said Michael Secora. “She works to be a support system to Sam and to help her find success in academics and in life. I have been so impressed with their relationship, it goes above and beyond. They really love spending time together.”

Wilson and Samantha love hiking, cooking and working together on community gardening projects. They have dedicated many hours to creating beauty in their community through gardening and also love just having time to be together and talk.

“I have gained so much wisdom on so many topics during my time with Rachelle, from plants and politics to respect and jobs,” Sam shared. “She is always there for me and gives me nothing but encouragement even when I am struggling. Rachelle has really boosted how I see and present myself.”

About the Program: The Lowe Family Young Scholars Program is based in Bartlesville, and provides academic-focused, community-based mentoring to students in grades six through 12.