Patrick Williams

Parker Engineering, Architecture and Technology Experts, Oklahoma State University
Mentee: Adonis Gardner

Patrick Williams is a junior at Oklahoma State University, majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering. He and mentee Adonis Gardner, a freshman, have been matched this fall.

“Patrick goes above and beyond in his role with PEATEs, mentoring not just Adonis but all 14 students living on his floor,” shared Jordan Blackburn, coordinator of Student Retention Services. “All of his mentees know him, and they know he genuinely cares about helping them find their path and navigate this special time in their lives.”

Williams and Adonis spend time working on homework, hanging out and talking, and sharing about how things are going in life and in school. Williams loves to set up game nights and other small events that help all of his mentees connect with one another.

“I base how I mentor on what I lacked as a freshman, or what some of my biggest struggles have been in college,” Williams shared. “I love providing extra encouragement and resources that can help mentees relax and feel successful. It might be simple, but just talking with my mentees is probably the best thing we do.”

About the Program: The Parker Engineering, Architecture and Technology Experts are a group of students referred to simply as “PEATEs.” They are upperclassmen and women who live in Parker Residence Hall and serve as examples, mentors and experts in how to succeed as an OSU CEAT student. They help students locate and utilize available resources, transition to OSU and the challenging majors in CEAT, and get involved on campus and in the college.