Nancy Nathaniel

INTEGRIS Heath Positive Directions Mentoring Program
Mentee: Jade
Years Matched: Three

Nancy Nathaniel is a retired community volunteer who has been mentoring with the INTEGRIS Health Positive Directions Program for 22 years. She and her mentee Jade have been matched for three years.

“Nancy’s dedication to mentoring is inspiring,” shared Kathy Lowder, mentor program coordinator. “She loves watching children grasp a new concept and helping them learn. During her time with our program she has always found a way to forge a special bond with her mentee, making special effort not to miss a birthday or special moment.”

Nathaniel saw early in her visits with Jade that she was struggling with her English. Though Nathaniel is not bilingual she worked one-on-one each week to help improve Jade’s skills in English. Jade’s teacher noted her progress in working with Nathaniel. Nathaniel and Jade also love competing in foosball.

“Nancy answered a call to be a volunteer mentor over twenty years ago at the beginning of our program,” shared Lowder. “In addition to her own loyal service, Nancy recruited her husband and many others in her circle to become mentors and impact kids. We are thankful for her!”

About the Program: INTEGRIS Health began the Positive Directions Mentoring Program in 1992 as a business/school partnership that encourages volunteers to mentor one hour each week at targeted elementary schools. The objectives of the program are to build self-esteem, establish positive relationships, help children overcome negative behaviors and improve the student’s classroom participation.