Jolene Ingram

Whiz Kids Oklahoma
Mentee: That That
Years matched: One

Jolene Ingram is a retired community volunteer who began as a tutor at the Whiz Kids site ten years ago. Ingram and her mentee, That That, have pivoted to online mentoring this year to keep their mentoring relationship strong and stay safe during the pandemic.

“Jolene is loyal, kind, intelligent, articulate, loving, wise and fun. She has supported Whiz Kids and her mentees financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually during her time with our organization,” shared Amy Bruce, operations manager for Whiz Kids. “Jolene is always ready, always available and always on time for her mentee or any student at our site that needs her as a sub.”

Ingram has limited mobility due to injuries from an auto accident when she was a child. Her mentee, That That, also lives with a disability which has allowed Ingram to really empathize and connect with her. Ingram has a special way of connecting with students who have struggles and need extra confidence and love.

“Jolene has made every one of her mentees over the years feel special and loved and continues to connect with them as they grow up,” Bruce shared.

About the Program: For 22 years, Whiz Kids has been working with at-risk kids in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area to improve reading skills and comprehension and to foster mentoring relationships with caring adults. Whiz Kids sites are churches in each school’s community that donate their facility and provide tutors and an on-site coordinator.